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PACS Web-based – Why You Should Upgrade

Much like the introduction of periodic postal deliveries dramatically altered communications, so has the use of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Communication is now much easier and more cost-effective with the use of electronic communications, including digital imagery and other data forms. A Web-Based PACS also brings this kind of speed of lightning and ease of use to a medical facility.

Two software and hardware systems related to PACS RIS are used on computers. PACS stands for image archiving and communications system, and RIS stands for an information system for radiology. A mini-PACS framework format could be the PACS RIS system or it may be a web-based PACS. A PACS server and software system is known as a mini-PACS because, instead of digital images taken from different modalities, they are used to read only one form of image modality, such as mammograms. To allow the transmission of digital medical images and other data over the Internet, PACS on the web uses secure transmission supported by a secure socket layer or a virtual private network. RIS takes digital images and data from radiology and makes it possible to store, distribute, and archive the material.

One reason why medical facilities are moving to PACS on the web, especially small and medium-sized ones, is that the cost has dropped dramatically in recent years. While PACS has been around for a while, since the cost of the software and equipment was out of reach for smaller facilities, it was usually only open to the biggest hospitals and facilities. This has had a positive effect on the cost of buying a PACS server and software since all computer technology has declined in price over the years.

The pace it provides is another explanation for why medical offices are upgrading to PACS on the site. It wasn’t long ago that pictures were taken on film, and then it took time to develop them. After this, the films would have to be submitted by postal mail to the treating physician if a consultation was required. This was a very time-consuming operation, but with the use of the Internet, luckily, it can be greatly accelerated. The PACS server can now easily convert digital medical images using the DICOM format, and those images can be sent to doctors located almost anywhere in the world for consultations in seconds rather than days.

This has also allowed better teaching opportunities for medical students, who can now be exposed through the Internet to a vast array of digital images.

It makes sense to switch to a web-based PACS RIS or mini-PACS system to save money and time.

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